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Below is an overview of some of the products Dispatch Communications LLC provides. We have been serving the two-way radio field throughout New Hampshire & Massachusetts since 1985, and aim to provide the same convenient, quality products that has made us a leader in the two-way industry. If at anytime, while you are browsing through our website, you have a question related to any of our products or services, please don't hesitate to call us at 603-421-0015 or click here Send Us An Email

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Kenwood TK-7180/8180
Multi-Mode Conventional/Trunked
  • 30W (136-174 Mhz)
  • 30W (450-520, 400-470)
  • Conventional & LTR® Zones Conventional Zones
  • 512 Channels /128 Zones
  • QT/DQT
  • Two-Tone Decode
  • Single & Multi-Zone Scan
  • List Scan
  • Dual Priority Scan
    Trunked Zones
  • 512 GID/128 Zones
  • Kenwood LTR® Features

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Kenwood TK-863G
Move your Operations into High Gear
The challenging commercial applications of today demand a high-quality radio that delivers reliable performance along with user-friendly operation. The TK-863G stands ready to answer the call as Kenwood has packed a host of features into this rugged, compact unit like UHF trunking. A large lighted LCD display and the capacity to program up to 32 systems in either trunked or conventional modes are just some of the advantages designed to handle your communications needs and make your work day productive.
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Kenwood TK-780(H)/880(H)
Multi-Mode without Compromise...
The changing telecommunications landscape mandates products and services that can both fill your current needs and grow with the challenges of tomorrow. The Kenwood TK-780(H)/880(H) Multi-mode wireless mobile units operate on multiple systems types: conventional, trunking, wide or narrow bandwidth with built-in FleetSyncTM alphanumeric two-way paging. Compromise is not a part of your plans and Kenwood mobiles are ready to answer any need. The nimble software driven modes, features sets and state-of-the-art technology have been crafted into a tough compact package that meets military environmental specifications.
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Kenwood TK-2180/3180
Top-of-the-Line Trunked/Conventional
  • 5 W (136-174 Mhz)
  • 5 W (450-520, 400-470 Mhz)
  • Conventional & LTR® Zones
  • 12 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-in
  • Date & 12/24 Hour Time Clock
  • Low Battery Alert
  • FleetSync® or FleetSync II®
  • Selective Call & Group Call
  • Status Messaging
  • Caller ID Display
  • Short Text Messages

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Kenwood TK-3173
Compact FM Portable
  • 136-174 MHz, 5W
  • 450-490, 400-430 MHz, 4W
  • 128 Channels/128 Zones
  • Conventional/LTR Zone Partitioning (LTR-TK-3173 only)
  • Priority Scan
  • 8 Character Alphanumeric LCD
  • VOX Ready
  • DTMF & Two-Tone Decode / Encode
  • FleetSync®
  • MIL STD C/D/E/F (incl. Driven Rain)
  • IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion
  • Intrinsically Safe Option (3Q 2005)
  • Voice Inversion Scrambling
  • Encryption / ANI Control
  • Emergency Call; Emergency Man Down

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Vertex Standard VX-820/870
Reliability, ruggedness, like never before

The VX-P820/P870 P25 portable is ready to respond when you are, with a wide array of signalling capability, along with big audio, operator and system security measures, and PC programability for quick deployment. Submersible to IP57 (VX-P820)/IP68 (VX-P870) specifications, and built to U.S. MIL-STD specifications, the VX-P820/870 Portables are your assurance of long-term reliability under the most difficult operating circumstances.

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P25 Digital Radios and Analog Radios
Icom IC-F1721/1821 (Digital/Analog)
Your Mobile to Digital Conversion
For organizations who run an analog radio system and must migrate to a conventional P25 digital system, Icom provides one of the best solutions. The new F1721D series mobile allows you to program P25 digital and/or FM analog mode per channel. Flash ROM capability means future upgrades and flexible customization, tailored for your system. Moreover, built-in multiple tone signalling capability and an optional voice scrambler satisfy existing analog FM system requirements. This new Icom's
frequency coverage and rugged construction ensures a flexible, long life radio for you. Icom is the smart choice for current - and future - public safety communications needs.
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Icom IC-F70 Series (Digital/Analog)
Smart migration to a digital handheld
Icom provides an intelligent solution for digital migration to an APCO P25 digital radio system from an existing analog system in the IC-F70D/F80D series. Programmable conventional P25 digital and/or FM analog mode per channel, Flash ROM CPU for future upgrades allows you to tailor the system you connect to. Moreover, advanced mechanical and analog features such as rugged waterproof construction, built-in multiple signallings and a large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack satisfy the needs of current analog users. Icom is the smart choice for current - and future - public safety communications needs.
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Icom IC-F14 Series (Analog)
Built to last, built to work
The IC-F14/S series shows Icom's new direction in LMR radio design. Simple operation for everyone but a powerful and reliable tool for your daily business. Its very durable construction is resistant to shock and vibration. The dual rail guide design securely locks the battery pack to the radio. Wide range frequency coverage, Li-Ion battery pack, loud and clear audio, built in signallings and option unit connector combined with Icom grade electrical performance, the IC-F14/S series will easily exceed your expectations.
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